Who We Are

Helping people build a better world through efficiency

Our Story

Efficiency Nova Scotia Corporation was established in 2010 to manage electricity Demand Side Management or DSM initiatives within Nova Scotia. These initiatives were funded by a DSM charge on electricity bills. In 2014, legislative changes required DSM initiatives to be provided by a franchise holder. The franchise holder, now known as EfficiencyOne, has the exclusive right to supply NS Power with reasonably available, cost-effective efficiency and conservation activities for a ten-year term. The Efficiency Nova Scotia franchise is a public utility regulated by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board, which approves agreements between NS Power and EfficiencyOne on the level of DSM activity. The cost of these activities is included in electricity rates.

In 2016, Government amended the Electricity Plan Implementation (2015) Act to introduce a one-year DSM Plan filing for 2019. In July 2018 the UARB approved a DSM Plan for 2019 in the amount of $34,050,000 with performance targets of 127.2 GWh in incremental annual net energy savings and 20.2 MW in incremental net annual peak demand savings. The Board Decision can be viewed here.

EfficiencyOne Services was established in 2015 to bring our experience and expertise to more people and places.

Our Values


Deliver on our commitments


Foster successful relationships with all stakeholders


Always improve

Our Strategic Priorities


Deliver excellent value and satisfaction to our customers with products and services that contribute to economic and environmental prosperity.


Become even better at helping people by leading the way with improved products, services and systems.


Support employees and partners to be highly engaged and inspire them to take pride in helping people build a better world through efficiency.


Significantly increase our impact in building a better world by expanding and diversifying the markets and customers we serve.

Award Winning Efficiency

We are proud to be recognized for our achievements as an industry leader, an employer of choice, and as an organization affecting positive change.