Our Impact

Impact of Efficiency in Nova Scotia

Since 2011, Efficiency Nova Scotia programs have avoided the release of 10.3 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 eq) in the province. That’s the same as removing over 2.4 million gasoline powered passenger vehicles for one year.

Environmental Impact

Our work has helped businesses and homeowners save $4.8 billion in energy costs – savings that boost economic activity and create jobs.

Economic Impact

Our network of partners includes over 380 businesses, including heat pump installers, lighting specialists, solar PV installers, and builders, employing more than 4,000 people.

Community Impact

Our work has supported over 2,400 Nova Scotians through our low-income, Mi’kmaq and other Diverse Communities programs, including upgrades to over 200 shelters, transition houses, and affordable rentals.