Our Impact

Impact of Efficiency in Nova Scotia

Environmental Impact

Energy efficiency plays a major role in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We’ve contributed 24% of Nova Scotia’s overall GHG emission reductions since 2011, avoiding over 1 million tonnes of greenhouse gases annually.

Since 2020, we’ve helped more than 2,600 Nova Scotians install solar PV systems.

Economic Impact

Our work is helping businesses and homeowners save more than $1 billion in energy costs – savings that boost economic activity and create jobs.

Our network of partners includes over 250 businesses, including heat pump installers, lighting specialists, solar PV installers, and builders, employing more than 2,600 people.

Community Impact

Energy efficiency can help serve the community and promote a socially equitable energy future.

We’ve partnered with 13 Mi’kmaq communities to install energy efficient upgrades like insulation, heat pumps and draft-proofing. To date, over 400 homes have received these upgrades, reducing over 1,000 tonnes of GHG emissions.

We engage with over 20,000 students every year as part of our Green Schools Nova Scotia program.

We’ve helped low-income homeowners and renters save more than $200 million on their energy bills each year, and supported energy efficient upgrades in over 90 affordable housing units, including shelters, transition houses and affordable rentals.