A Vision for a Net-Zero Future

Across the province, Nova Scotians should be proud of the significant actions we have taken to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Emissions are down 30% since 2005, demonstrating our ability to plan and put those plans into action when needed. But a challenging path lies ahead. Nova Scotia needs
to further invest in energy efficiency, electrification, and decarbonization if we are to achieve our goal of a
net-zero future. However, along with those challenges come opportunities–to do things better and smarter. We have already begun. In 2021, EfficiencyOne outlined the challenges and opportunities facing our province as we continue to focus on emissions reductions, in the White Paper 2050: Net-Zero Carbon Nova Scotia.

“Urgent action is needed to mitigate the effects of climate change. There is no single action that can get us to net-zero as a province, but our choices today determine our GHG emissions in 10-20 years.”

Stephen MacDonald, President and Chief Executive Officer, EfficiencyOne

The White Paper outlines five strategic pathways that will empower us to not just address our climate challenges but to seize the opportunity to create a better future for all Nova Scotians. Those five strategic ways forward are: energy efficiency and decarbonization; partnerships, collaboration, and training; innovative financing and private investment; equity; and regional capacity building. According to the White Paper, the three highest sources of emissions generated in Nova Scotia are electricity, transportation, and buildings. These three areas also represent our greatest opportunity for incorporating solutions towards reaching net-zero and include: further enhancing energy efficiency; a plan for net-zero emission buildings, both new and existing; expanding the use of electric vehicles and their infrastructure; facilitating growth in distributed renewable energy installations such as solar and battery storage for this energy.

2021 also saw the creation of the province’s new climate change legislation, the Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act. This Act focuses on key areas that will help move our province towards net-zero, including many of the areas outlined in the White Paper.

Achieving Net-Zero Together

In order for our path towards net-zero to work—and benefit—all Nova Scotians, we must include everyone living in this province. We are committed to continuously investing in, and expanding, our services that create opportunities for more Nova Scotians to actively participate and make a change, including Mi’kmaw communities, low-income homeowners and renters.

2021 Highlights:

  • Completed energy efficient upgrades to over 230 homes in all 13 Mi’kmaw communities.
  • Held two Appliance Retirement events in Whitney Pier and North Preston. Communities members could retire eligible appliances and receive cash back.
  • Completed projects in 41 multi-unit residential buildings, 6 shelters, and 3 non-profit community centers, through our Affordable Housing program.