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2020 Business Plan

EfficiencyOne’s annual business plans guide the organization in achieving the goals and priorities outlined in our five-year Strategic Plan, our Demand Side Management (DSM) plans approved by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board, and our service agreements with the Province of Nova Scotia.


EfficiencyOne will invest $34.4 million in 2020 to achieve 119.2 GWh first year electrical energy-saving and 29.2 MW electrical peak demand-saving targets. The organization will invest an additional $33.0 million to achieve first year non-electrical energy savings of 302,423 GJ in 2020.





  • Electricity Savings 119.2 GWh
  • Demand Savings 29.2 MW
  • Non-Electric Savings 302,423 GJ


The strategies and initiatives described in the 2020 Business Plan will result in:

  • Over $340 million of electricity bill savings recirculating in our local economy over the next 12 years helping Nova Scotia improve its economic productivity and competitiveness;
  • Training and support for more than 300 local businesses, employing over 1,400 people to work on Efficiency Nova Scotia projects;
  • Cleaner environment by avoiding nearly 1,000,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year; and
  • Over $780 in average annual heating cost savings for low-income homeowners that participate in our HomeWarming service and on average savings of $450 per unit for tenants renting affordable housing, helping to alleviate energy poverty.


Achieve :

Energy efficiency is a critical component of Nova Scotia’s energy future. While Nova Scotians put a strong emphasis on the importance of reducing their energy use, the upfront cost of energy efficient technologies, the availability of information and resources to guide decision-making, and the time required to research and implement upgrades remain barriers to participation. In 2020, EfficiencyOne will implement several initiatives to make it easier for all Nova Scotians to benefit from energy efficiency.

Key initiatives in this area include:

  • Continue to diversify our portfolio of incentives to provide more financial support for energy efficient technologies in the areas of space and water heating, building envelope, and more.
  • Introduce improvements and enhancements to our existing services to increase access and improve the customer experience, such as more project management support, new product incentives and more technical assistance.
  • Develop pilots to inform future program offerings that meet the needs of customers, overcome barriers to participation, and help meet Nova Scotia’s future energy



EfficiencyOne is committed to creating an engaged, customer-focused, diverse and inclusive workplace culture, with an emphasis on continuously developing the skills and abilities of our employees and the diverse network of partners that deliver our services. We strive to provide leadership and expertise to promote training and skills development within the energy efficiency industry.

Key initiatives in this area include:

  • Continue to grow the Efficiency Trade Network with increased engagement activities and more marketing support for members.
  • Support training and skills development for the energy efficiency industry through the Efficiency Trade Network and continued development activities for EfficiencyOne staff.
  • Expand our partnerships with Mi’kmaw communities by working with community-preferred contractors to make energy efficient upgrades to affordable housing units.


EfficiencyOne’s customers have diverse needs and interests. Our portfolio of services must be responsive to changing customer needs, evolving market conditions and new technologies. EfficiencyOne aspires to lead the industry with improvements to our current ways of doing things, and with innovations in our products and services.

Key initiatives in this area include:

  • Implement an integrated Customer Information System to standardize and streamline activities related to program administration, business development, case management, marketing and communications.
  • Work with NS Power to identify opportunities for Demand Response programs to reduce costs for customers.
  • Introduce new program offerings for small business and new incentives and customer journey improvements across our portfolio of products and services.


EfficiencyOne is committed to growing our impact by expanding and diversifying the markets and customers we serve. In 2020, EfficiencyOne will focus on the following growth initiatives:

  • Build strong relationships with existing partners and identify new opportunities to partner to reach new customers and increase access for underserved markets.
  • Support continued growth beyond Nova Scotia through EfficiencyOne Services by helping governments, utilities and businesses transform the way they use energy.
  • Establish a Low Carbon Centre in Halifax to achieve ambitious local climate action in collaboration with the City of Halifax and federal funding through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.