What We Do

Industry leading efficiency and conservation services

EfficiencyOne is a leader in the design and delivery of resource efficiency programs and services. We work with more than 200 contractors and partners to deliver our services to over 400,000 customers.

Efficiency Nova Scotia

Efficiency Nova Scotia is Canada's first electricity efficiency utility, offering advice, technical assistance, and financial incentives to help Nova Scotian households and businesses reduce their energy costs. To date, over 400,000 Nova Scotians have participated in efficiency programming, reducing the province's electrical load by 11%. Efficiency is on track to contribute 50% of 2020 emissions reduction targets for Nova Scotia's electricity sector, while saving Nova Scotians $475 million on power bills in 2017 alone.

EfficiencyOne Services

EfficiencyOne Services helps governments, utilities and other clients meet their energy and resource reduction goals. EfficiencyOne Services has experience working with governments, educational institutions, health care facilities, large and medium industrial customers, and others.