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EfficiencyOne presents on virtual audits

EfficiencyOne has been exploring the use of virtual home assessments for lead-generation in its whole-home energy efficiency program (based on EnerGuide). Virtual Audits are touchless, data-driven assessments generated without or with minimal involvement from the homeowner.

The next phase of this project will be substituting the traditional EnerGuide assessment with a remote audit. Remote audits will be conducted by energy advisors via videocalls. In E1’s experience, energy use estimates from remote audit assessment models achieve acceptable accuracy for certain situations, and could offer other benefits such as reduced costs, reduce time to complete an assessment, and increased accuracy of energy use estimates when paired with utility billing data.

On Friday, December 11th Hugh MacDonald and Ryan Kelly presented as part of Efficiency Canada’s DiscoverEE Sessions on using remote/virtual methods for home energy audits. You can learn more about the DiscoverEE Series here.