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Pilot project helping homes and businesses in Kentville reduce demand while increasing benefits

Klondike Pilot, named for the substation that delivers electricity to the over 3,800 homes and businesses in and around the Kentville area, is helping homes and businesses reduce demand for electricity while saving money and making their homes more efficient.

Demand is the rate at which electricity is used (typically measured in kilowatts (kW)) and peak demand is the time when consumer demand for that electricity is at its highest. Finding ways to reduce the demand on an electrical system is called demand reduction.

Simply put, small changes can make big impacts on the capacity of the electrical grid, maintain cost-effectiveness of electricity rates, and help Nova Scotia meet its environmental sustainability goals.

This demand reduction pilot is aimed at reducing peak demand, as well as saving energy and money for homes and businesses that are located within the pilot area.

Participants in the pilot will benefit from special limited time incentives that will save money on utility bills and create more comfortable atmosphere thanks to high quality energy efficient products. Participants can access incentives on upgrades such as heat pumps, lighting measures, water heaters, and electric thermal storage units.

Do you live or operate a business in the Kentville area? Find out if you are eligible to participate.